► Is The Rock for me?

The Rock is for all young people of any faith or none. Regardless of race or background, our doors are open.

If you work with young people in schools, churches or youth groups, then The Rock is also for you. We are a place, a venue, a centre, but we are also a resource for teaching and leadership and a living, evolving community.

► Where is The Rock?

Well, if you mean our building, then The Rock is at St Peter’s Church, Tewkesbury Road, Cheltenham. Some of the most disadvantaged young people in Gloucestershire living in one of the most deprived communities in England are on our doorstep. This is where we belong.

But The Rock is so much more than a building. Our work reaches into the local community, into families, schools and churches. All of our equipment (and our team) are mobile, so groups can use our facilities at St Peter’s or in their own setting. Can’t come to The Rock? Then The Rock shall come to you!

► What’s the point of The Rock?

Right outside our doors, there are young people facing challenging social circumstances. They can easily become disengaged from education and their community. When they do, we believe there is a need for relevant alternative educational provision. This is where The Rock comes in.

Church structures and communities often struggle to engage with the incredible diversity of youth culture. We need a bridge that enables young people to engage with faith on their own terms. This is where The Rock comes in.

Young people in Cheltenham tell us that they have little or no relevant space to call their own. Even when facilities exist, youth tribalism often breeds exclusion. They need more than just a place. Young people need a community where they can grow and feel that they belong. This is where The Rock comes in.

The Rock offers a model of credible, innovative youth work. None of the needs it meets are unique to Gloucestershire. We might be starting local, but we’re thinking big.

► Who runs The Rock?

A dedicated team of staff and a wonderful group of volunteers run The Rock.