The Rock has developed a young leadership program which encourages those young people who have been attending The Rock for a while, to step up into leadership. Each young leader develops there skills by being encouraged to lead different activities and input their ideas into each group they help with.

The Rock has developed a youth work development program which includes all the steps & skills to becoming a competent youth leader, each young leader is encouraged to work on these steps and encouraged to take ownership of their development & learning. Each module or learning step is then signed off by a witnessing staff member involved in the young leader’s group.

The program is designed to be as encouraging as possible and it’s great seeing each individual’s development and confidence grow. It also provides a great aspect for future CV’s and developing further in the youth work profession.     

The young leaders also spend time taking part in team building sessions and attend a yearly residential.

For any information on young leadership or the program please contact Chris.